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In everything we do, we believe the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

SAP Cloud Platform in a Nutshell

Most companies have rigid, massively complex I.T. systems.


SAP created a unique platform to abstract core systems and simplify innovation for large corporations, letting our customers adapt to change 5X to 10X faster,
while integrating enterprise systems.

Corporate I.T. systems are Excessively Complex

Complexity is killing your I.T. team, which is drowning in application backlog requests.


Demand for change is growing 5X faster than the team’s capability to advance.

It is high time to do things differently.

The Current Situation

Corporate systems are tightly-coupled, like the gears of a mechanical watch. When I.T. makes changes, comprehensive testing is required, resulting in runaway expense and lost time.


Enterprise I.T. architecture must change
to one that looks more like a modern smartwatch.


Adding, modifying, or deleting apps on a smartwatch has no effect on core timekeeping, health, or notifications because of abstraction APIs and secure connectors.


SAP can help Modernize your Approach

Because of rapid growth and many acquisitions, SAP had this same problem in our own house.


We created the proven blueprint and a unique technology platform to solve the growing complexity problem, while embracing the tricky new world of mixed on-premise and cloud computing.

The Playbook

You need a comprehensive cloud-based platform to make bi-modal architecture hum.


The unique SAP Cloud Platform enables the abstraction of back-end systems-of-record from front-end systems-of-innovation for the largest companies on earth.

In our own shop, SAP delivers daily innovations to our 90,000+ employees, 400,000+ customers, and more than 1,700 business partners.  


We have the experience to help overcome your Complexity Chasm.

What Can Be Built Quickly? (5 min demo)


14,000+ companies are using SCP today to innovate better.

Watch a few great examples:

Now or Never: Go for Hero Status
Digital transformation is all about becoming more nimble, more innovative,
more able to change and thrive.

Doing things the same way will not keep up with demand.
SAP Cloud Platform offers state-of-the-art rapid development, low-code no-code capabilities, re-usable modules, and a tremendous amount of pre-written content. 
Embrace the exciting new world and become a hero.

Ten Reasons to Use SAP Cloud Platform

Infrastructure clouds like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform simplify the underlying technology — good news: SCP runs on all three.


With SAP, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

SCP adds rapid business improvement:
SCP helps you simplify business processes, integrate across departmental silos, and deliver great business results, with differentiating, pre-written content.

Keep Core Systems Pristine and Upgradeable

Keep Core Systems Pristine and Upgradeable

Develop 5X  faster than traditional methods

Develop 5X+ faster than traditional methods

Cloud environment encourages reusablity

Cloud environment encourages reusablity

Integrate on-premise apps to cloud apps

Integrate on-premise apps to cloud apps

Integrate apps across different clouds

Integrate apps across different clouds

Integrate SAP to non-SAP applications

Integrate SAP to non-SAP applications

Extend core apps and data to mobile devices

Extend core apps and data to mobile devices

Customize functions on current systems, re-use in future

Customize functions on current systems, re-use in future

Supports ECC and S4/HANA core applications

Supports ECC and S4/HANA core applications

Rapid Innovation with IOT, ML, AI, and chatbots

Rapid Innovation with IOT, ML, AI, and chatbots

Watch Bjoern’s
SCP Keynote Excerpt

Bjoern Goerke is SAP’s CTO and
President of SAP Cloud Platform

Watch Hasso’s
Keynote Highlights
@ SAPPHIRE Orlando 2018

Hasso Plattner is SAP’s Chairman and 
a Founder of SAP 

Watch Bernd’s
Intelligent Enterprise Keynote
@ TechEd Las Vegas 2018

Bernd Luekert is SAP’s Executive Board Member
and Leader for Products and Innovation


SAP Powers the Intelligent Enterprise

The future is clear:
Intelligent technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, chat bots, advanced analytics, and predictive models, will help companies save money and compete effectively in the next decade.


scp middle

SCP connects these intelligent technologies into a company’s business processes.



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