Rapid Development — Low Code Leader

Mendix is a great new SAP Solex partner of SAP Cloud Platform, enabling non-professional developers to thrive and work in concert with your core developer teams.

Unlike a lot of these low-code entries, Mendix is proven to enable rather large and relatively intricate systems to be developed in a fraction of the time traditional development takes.

Here are 6 minutes from TechED 2017 — with some text highlights from me —that will give you a good feel for how revolutionary coding can be with Mendix and SAP SCP (best viewed in full screen mode):

Here’s the bottom line — Mendix can enable orders of magnitude gains in productivity — and the ability to add non-professional developers like business department analysts — to you agile team. Imagine if your developers became 5X or 10X more productive in a month.

Become digital MacGyvers!

Bob Sakalas
SAP Innovation Strategist

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