SCP Garage: Scott Dillon’s Technical Workshops

Scott Dillon

Scott has an unusual capability. Usually, the tech-ier a person is, the less likely he or she is at explaining things in understandable terms. Scott can do just that, crossing the divide between technologist and business leader without breaking a sweat.
Scott is passionate about solving customers’ business problems and helping customers succeed with SAP software. When not on a keyboard, Scott loves to teach people to ski down the mountains of eastern Canada. In 2018, he started a new series called SCP in the Garage where he invites various experts to sessions and demos / builds useful stuff in the virtual SCP Garage in one hour, once per month.
Below please find his recent sessions, with the help of a few friends.

What can you Build with SAP Cloud Platform?

SCP’s primary purposes are to
help you develop enterprise functionality fast,
to help you keep core apps secure and pristine, and
to integrate your business processes and applications together
so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

In Scott’s own words:

To accomplish these goals, SCP comes with a lot of Legos “out-of-the-box.

Let’s start first with ‘out of the box’—a rather ambiguous term that I believe is best explained with Legos. When you buy a hundred piece box of Legos, what your son or daughter creates after an hour of concentrated play might be very different from what my child creates after sixty minutes with the same box of Legos.

In the same vein, a wide range of solutions can be created using a product right ‘out of the box.’ If you’ll excuse the extension of the Lego analogy, the true ‘out of the box’ value is the consistent manner in which the pieces snap together.

Our first session — Integration — focuses on activating ‘out of the box’ content with very little configuration. Using available SAP content that directs Twitter feeds to the Hybris Sentiment Analysis module, this 30 minute hands-on activity produced a functioning Twitter feed sentiment analysis solution.

Our second session —API management — focuses on its ability to take a service/function from a backend provider and make it available as an API for many potential use cases. I approach the use case potential from a simple perspective: gaining secure and reusable access to core business processes of the SAP digital core (ECC/S4) which are the digital Lego block foundation of any enterprise transformation.

The third session focuses on Workflow. I believe this service, once it’s fully understood by the community, will become highly utilized. The Workflow service exposes its own APIs, and at its very core is essentially this: a piece of software designed to orchestrate the consumption of other APIs/services while using other ‘Legos’ to get the job done.

Our fourth session covered the SCP Portal Service, another service that is getting traction and where the notion of re-usablility is becoming understood and appreciated. 

We have more sessions planned soon. Join us live by registering.

SCP Garage Sessions

More than 13,000 SAP enterprise customers are taking advantage of the rapid, re-usable development of SAP Cloud Platform. We hope that you enjoy Scott Dillon’s recent technical workshops.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Scott Dillon welcomes Udo Paltzer to the SCP Garage

SAP Cloud Platform API Management

Scott Dillon welcomes Elijah Martinez to the SCP Garage

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

Scott Dillon welcomes Peter McNulty to the SCP Garage

SAP Cloud Platform Portals and Fiori Cloud

Scott Dillon welcomes Thomas Hensel and Ricky Cheng to the SCP Garage Series of Webinars.

SAP Rapid Application Development by Mendix

Scott Dillon welcomes Tyler Stubbs and Michelle Huang to the SCP Garage

SAP Mobile Development in Cloud

Scott Dillon welcomes Sue Berry to the SCP Garage

SAP IOT in the Cloud

Scott Dillon welcomes Giorgio Murroni, Marco Porru, and Derrick Hayford to the SCP Garage

SAP Enterprise Messaging with the Cloud

Scott Dillon welcomes Karsten Strothmann, Elizabeth Reimann, and Tobias Griebe to the SAP Cloud Platform Garage.

SAP Event-Driven Architecture

Scott Dillon welcomes Karsten Strothmann and Tobias Griebe to the SCP Garage

SAP ABAP in the Cloud

Scott Dillon welcomes Florian Wahl and Srinivas Chintaginjalu to the SCP Garage.

SAP SDK for Apple iOS

Scott Dillon welcomes Stan Stadelman and Manjunath Gudisi to the SCP Garage

Cloud Application Programming Model

Join Scott Dillon in the Garage with development expert, Christian Georgi, as they work together to develop a custom application built on SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAPM) and Core Data Services (CDS).

SAP Operational Reporting for Incident Management

Scott Dillon discussed Operational Reporting in the SCP Garage

Conversational AI and Chatbots

Scott welcomes Sai Methukupally to the SCP Garage to play around with Conversational AI and Chatbots.

SAP UI5 | SAPUI5 (2020 session)

Scott Dillon welcomes Michael Graf to the SCP Garage.

SAPUI5 Real-Time Dashboards (2019 session)

Michael Graf’s first visit to the SCP Garage.

SAP Mobile Cards

Scott Dillon welcomes Matt Carrier, Andrew Lee, and Derrick Hayford to the SCP Garage.

SAP Functions as a Service

Scott Dillon welcomes Karsten Strothmann to the SCP Garage.

SAP Business Workflow

Scott Dillon welcomes DJ Adams to the SCP Garage.

Going Mobile w/ Incident Creation

Scott welcomes Bill Froelich and Mark Wright to the SCP Garage.

SAP Enterprise Messaging meets CAP Model

Scott Dillon welcomes David Kunz to the SCP Garage.

Using Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA)

Scott Dillon welcomes Bruno Guerrero to the SCP Garage.

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Scott Dillon welcomes Danielle Laforte and Bogdan Petrescu of Cloud Elements to the SCP Garage.

SCP Business Rules

Scott welcomes Peter McNulty back to talk about Business Rules in the SCP Garage.

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Scott Dillon welcomes Danielle Laforte and Bogdan Petrescu of Cloud Elements to the SCP Garage.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Scott welcomes Steve Bickerton to the SCP Garage.

SAP Process Visibility

Scott Dillon welcomes Peter McNulty to the SCP Garage.

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Scott’s Observations

Scott has talked to hundreds of SAP customers as he has toured North America, teaching at SAP Technical Academies and consulting on solution designs.


Three Things I Learned After Teaching 100+ Customers How to Use the SAP Cloud Platform.

The SAP Cloud Platform presents an interesting conundrum—its solutions and services for the creation, extension and integration of applications are user-friendly and intuitive, but customers sometimes struggle to fully grasp the platform’s potential through traditional presentations and informational events. So, SAP took the structure of a typical presentation—where attendees spend 95% of the time passively listening and maybe 5% of the time asking questions—and turned it on its head to create SAP Technical Academies—TAs for short.

TAs have a simple but powerful structure—they’re not just about seeing the SAP Cloud Platform in action, they’re about hands-on engagement with the technology services and understanding what those services can do for your business. Participants spend the bulk of their time actively working with the software, asking questions, and interacting with each other.

Recently, I had the pleasure of leading five TA events. As the day progressed at each event… read more

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